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About the game

I'm currently programmng a 2D puzzle game. It does not have a name yet (it's not a high priority right now). I go the idea from playing Chip's Challenge and Adventure.

Some planned features are: 10 fun levels, complex puzzles, and good graphics.

Development Screens


Better textures, collision detection, good camera, new sprites...

Wow, so two months without an update and you probably thought I gave up on this project. Nope! Infact, I successfully imported a level using a .txt file. Screenshots are above.
I know it looks kind of ugly. That's because I suck a making sprites and it's just place holder textures anyway.

Movement and animations are getting worked on! It looks pretty smooth now and the game is running at a solid 60FPS.

Sprites have been made and coding has been done...

UPDATE!!! Finally we have some better sprites and more programming done. Screenshots will come soon; adressing a flickering issue.
FYI: You'll need Java installed on your computer or the game won't work.

Note: these screenshots may not reflect the final product

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