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Super Mario Bros ROM hacks

Super Obstacle Bros (new name needed)

sob screenshot

This is my newest project. I'm working to make 8 cool worlds.

It will be waay better than my other ones so be sure to check it out when it's released.

(Note: this rom is an early version): nes bros hack(new sprites).7z

Super Adventure Bros

sab screenshot

This is an bad hack from a long time ago.

Download: super adventure

SMB Snack Invasion

smbsi screenshot

Snacks have invaded the Mushroom Kingdom! The goombas are hamburgers and power-ups are pretzels, and the blocks are cheese.

And yes, it's as stupid as it sounds. It will be released soon.

Super Mario 64 ROM Hacks

Super Snow 64

ss64 screen shot

ON HOLD. I may get back to it one day but for now the project is idle.

Video Game Codes

Here are some of my favorite videogame cheat codes: Cheat Codes

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